We inspire, educate, and empower students and professionals in technology.

Through our events, partnerships, and programs, HackDFW helps reach students all over the world, and provides the foundation for success in technology.

HackDFW's first party events are the largest hackathons in Texas, with over 1000 attendees at each event. They are a tech enthusiast's playground, allowing students and professionals to meet, form an idea, and execute it within 24 hours. Our events are forces for good in the community, bringing together many diverse groups for a weekend of fun, innovation, and learning.

HackDFW is a registered 501(c)3 charity, and partners with other organizations to help advance its mission. We run summer programs, partnership events, and offer our advice to other organizations looking to reach the tech community. Our events and programs offer anyone the opportunity to learn and grow through technology.


The largest eco-friendly hackathon.

EARTHACK is a partnership between HackDFW and Earth Day Texas. As the largest Earth Day celebration in the United States, Earth Day partnered with HackDFW to produce an event where students and professionals could learn more about the Earth and the environment. Join us on April 21-23rd, 2017, for an unforgettable weekend.


The ultimate hardware hackathon.

Hosted in partnership with Freeman Fabrication Grand Prairie, BUILDATHON was the ultimate hardware hackathon. Featuring access to the same technology that helps power major events like CES, our partnership enabled hackers to create amazing projects, and helped our partners at Freeman rethink their existing workflows by injecting fresh ideas into their business.


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